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Cirque Colorique

Cirque Colorique

Cirque Colorique

Cirque Colorique

Cirque Colorique

Cirque Colorique

The tiniest circus parade in the world …

… is on its way!!
But where is it heading?

The ringmaster finds the perfect spot for the next spectacular circus performance. On his long legs he has a great view.

The musicians warm up their instruments while the jugglers and acrobats warm up their muscles.

A group of onlookers gathers… the circus master has found his audience.

Ladies and gentlemen, honoured guests,
make way for …Cirque Colorique!

Cirque Colorique is a circus parade with 5 to 9 performers: ringmaster on stilts, musicians, jugglers, acrobats and/or hula hoop dancer.

Where possible, the audience is invited to participate by handling props or being part of an acrobatic stunt.

The show is accompanied by cheerful live music although it can never be lively enough for this colourful troupe.

Performance length: 3 x 30 minutes

Programme and costume changes are available on request.

Festivals …

… & corporate events
foto: Maaike Liekelema
foto: SommerZauber.de
foto: Norbert Adams - www.seinunddesign.de
foto: Maaike Liekelema
foto: Kurt Willaerts
foto: Jan Wessels
foto: Chaja Hertog
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photography: Timo Gemmeke, Johan Marynissen, Kurt Willaerts,
Maaike Liekelema, Norbert Adams, SommerZauber, Jan Wessels, Chaja Hertog

video: Elleboog

website: StudioEtc.nl